About Us

KM.Mughal is a company with its roots in Pakistan which specializes in the design for fly ash bricks plant and machinery for the building materials industry. Under the KM.MUGHAL trademark, production facilities of concrete and cement in Pakistan are supported by our sales companies all over the world.
With more than 40 years of persistent way, combining the profundity connotation with the high technology, KM.MUGHAL has created the miracle of the block making machine manufacturers with unlimited potential.

Up till now KM.MUGHAL has fabricated the Concrete Paving Tiles & Blocks and fly ash bricks Making Machine for almost 800 clients from all our the Pakistan cities as well as in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Dubai, Uganda, Nairobi, Kenya, South Africa, West Africa.

The leading position of market share in both domestic and international markets, advanced R&D and innovation capability in the concrete block making machine industry and reliance by our clients over the world——all these fully prove our comprehensive strength in fly ash bricks making market.

Our Mission

We work hard every day to make KM Mughal the world’s most respected construction machinery & equipment brand for the development of civil work by technological & Advancement in today concrete area.

KM Mughal has transformed from a small business machinery company to a premier global provider. There is pride in that achievement. But we also know that this success was only possible because we stayed loyal to the principles of our company: Reliable technology engineered in Pakistan, European quality electric and mechanical parts.
More than anything else, KM Mughal’s countrywide success is dependent on delivering individualized customized installation concepts to our customers. One could say that this customer centric focus is now the core of our product philosophy.


Visited Izhar Group of Companies & Pak Concrete

Customer orientation & Solution Skills

As well as the quality of our products a close and cooperative exchange of ideas and experiences with our customers is decisive for our success. By means of this open dialogue we are precisely informed about the specific requirements and trends in the local markets. Based on this we are in the position to create tailor made plant configurations which match exactly the local demands. The experience confirms that such individual solutions clearly strengthen the market position of our customer clearly.
We offer effective solutions starting with the initial design concept, incorporating in-house manufacturing, on-site training and product support, including service and spare parts. Depending on customer requirements, we can supply turn-key plants, complete production lines or single plant components. Our product range is supplemented by a ‘round the clock’, countrywide service and spare parts facility with the shortest possible response times.


Throughout our long company history, we have significantly influenced many developments in the building materials industry. The experiences gained over the years in both technical and functional capacities now benefit both the customer and ourselves.
KM Mughal’s typical combination of experience and flexibility is also relevant to the design and assembly of our plants and machinery. In the end, there are no two products alike; every single solution is based and optimized on the individual wishes of the customer.


Our initial planning principles apply in all fields of design and manufacturing. The quality of the known technology and the exact solution give a high-quality finished product.
Moreover, these most economical solutions ultimately create substantial energy savings resulting in lower long-term costs to the customer. KM Mughal’s know-how and production philosophy enable a fast and reasonable realization of individual solutions for complete plants and production lines. Depending on the demand they are assembled by standardized components, which are combined or modified. This results in short delivery times even for the most complex new plants.


The most important aspects, which are foremost in our minds when designing plants are simple handling solutions and continuity of production, whilst taking into consideration every aspect of health and safety.