KM-Mixer Machine


KM-Mixer Machine is single shaft horizontal forced type mixer. It can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, flowing concrete, light weight aggregate concrete and various mortar, It has a superiorities of working solely or forming simple concrete mixing plant with aggregator series batching machine, and can also mixer for concrete batching plant. It has KM-500M, KM-750M and KM-1200 two models. KM1200 can be used alone or as main mixing part of KM-28 Blocks making plant. While KM750 used as main mixing part of KM-15 ST or DT plant.


Technical details:

1) High mixing evenness, short mixing time, High Reliability with least Break Down, long life span for wearing parts, easy operation and maintenance. 

2) Hydraulic dischargethe hydraulic discharging door angle is adjustable. 

3) High Wear-Resistant Chromium-Manganese Alloys Plates and Blades 

4) The shaft end sealing system is by multi-sealing structure effectively prevents leakage and guarantees the continuous long running of whole mixing system. 

5) Automatically lubricating oil pump. 

6) Double Motors and Speed Reducers Power:;Motor and speed reducer are of RASSIA famous brand. Full Copper Motors, Stable and Long Life. 

7) National Standard Steel from Shalimar Steel & Iron Companies. 

8) Discharge height 2.7m,4.2m optional. 

9) Excellent Performance with 11 Tech Patents.